2008, LinkedIn. 2009, Twitter. 2010, Facebook. Is 2011 the year of mobile career sites?

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It’s no secret that more recruiting tools and platforms have emerged in the last few years than in the last two decades combined. Recruiters have seen the value of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook and are actively pursuing strategies to incorporate these media into their toolbox.

What will 2011 bring? There’s a lot of talk about mobile finally catching on. When we think about mobile most of us assume it only means recruiting through text messaging (SMS). According to the ITU, the leading United Nations agency for information and communication technology issues, SMS was expected to exceed 6.1 trillion messages in 2010. That means more than 200,000 text messages are sent every second! For recruiters, however, this method will gain traction only if opt-in lists of career disciplines are developed, with the key being opt-in.

But there’s another mobile that many companies are missing today. That’s the mobile web.

According to a study by ComScore, out of a total of 234 million total phone subscribers in the United States, 45.5 million people owned smartphones in 2010. A recent report released by technology research company Gartner revealed worldwide mobile device sales to end users grew to 1.6 billion units in 2010, up 31.8 percent from 2009. Furthermore, smartphone sales increased by 72.1 percent from 2009 and accounted for 19 percent of all mobile device sales in 2010. 

And within five years the number of people accessing the web through mobile devices is expected to overtake the PC. What’s more, many mobile web users are mobile-only. They do not, or very rarely, use a desktop, laptop or tablet to access the Web. Mobile-only in the US is 25 percent of subscribers. And with 4G, network speed makes accessing the mobile web through smartphones even more attractive.
All these stats make it clear that talent acquisition departments should focus on making their career sites mobile ready. Take a look at your website on a smartphone. If your company is like most, you’ll probably see a miniscule version of your career site. Not a great first impression especially when you want your company to portray a positive employment brand. So, everything that’s available on your regular career site should be reconfigured. Job openings should be simply listed with links to your application so people can apply directly. Links to your LinkedIn and Facebook company pages, Twitter and RSS feeds, videos (including YouTube) should be readily accessible.

Mobile is here and growing. Job seekers are using it more and more every day, and not many companies are ready. Get the jump on your competition in the hunt for talent.


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