A New Recruiting Perk: Taking Naps at Work?

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The way we work is constantly changing. Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do – adapt and evolve to survive and grow stronger? Every company has its spiel, noting their flexible hours, great location, excellent benefits, and more. What else can an organization offer to stand out and show that they have an understanding of the needs and wants of happy and healthy employees.

With the hectic lives many of us lead today, and the increase in anxiety and stress-related diagnoses, sick days, special needs allowances, the plight of the physically and mentally sound employee contains a lot of demands/requirements for their employer of choice, and to woo these sought-after candidates that may be comfortable in their current jobs, your company must stand out and offer that something unique to spark that interest that says you’re a good reason to make a change.

A new trend has hit corporate culture – napping at work.

The corporate world is catching on. We can’t all be doctors, but do we not work as hard or deal with high levels of stress in our home and work lives? Hospitals allow for doctors to go into a room with beds especially for the purpose of getting a refreshing bit of sleep on the job, because they work long hours and must be fully alert and coherent when dealing with people’s health and saving lives. It’s imperative they provide what is necessary to avoid fatigue-related accidents.

Well, the time has come that companies are beginning to see the value in allowing their employees to steal away for a quick nap during the work day to revitalize their workers for better performance, less error and an increase in productivity. Even NASA agrees. According to their study, a quick 26 minutes of napping is proven to boost performance by 34%.

Ever wonder why we’re falling behind other countries in productivity, good health and education? The average American fails to get the recommended 8 hours of sleep a night. Japan, China, Spain and a number of other Latin American countries, are just a few that partake in the tradition of the siesta or midday nap. Post lunch, afternoon sleep is widespread among successful countries around the world, and America is slowly coming onboard.

A good nap of 20-60 minutes can be very restorative. The benefits include muscle growth, tissue growth and improved memory processing. Years ago, companies began incorporating exercise in their wellness programs by adding fitness rooms to their offices, contributing to the health and wellness of their workers. The midday nap is another asset that would sweeten the pot for qualified candidates, especially the growing number of Americans who are taking more of an interest in maintaining a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.

The addition of this concept can only be an advantage to our society. Studies show that sleep-deprived workers cost business about $150 billion dollars a year in lost productivity. Nike and Ben & Jerry’s are just a couple of the companies embracing the idea by building nap stations/pods. If just a 20 minute nap would do the trick and increase productivity, some forward-thinking companies will follow suit. Your employees are an investment. Nurture them, and they can take your business to new heights.

What are your thoughts on napping in the workplace? Please share them with us!


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