Am I being a total square about Foursquare?

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I’m going way back here, but I can still remember when CVS first started their ExtraCare reward card program and initially feeling a little wary about signing up. Whoa, wait a minute; do I really want CVS to go all Big Brother on me by keeping a detailed record of how many times I purchased mouth wash for some lousy coupons? You betcha. Over the years I have put that card to work for plenty of “ExtraBucks” and coupons – the perks of the program simply won out.

Now that location based social networking platforms like Foursquare and Gowalla are starting to take off, I wonder if the allure of exclusive discounts (like the new Foursquare promotion Ann Taylor just kicked off) at some of my favorite retailers will make me cave?

Foursquare is really the leader of the pack right now, so for this blog I am going to focus on its offerings. For many of you who answered our poll the other week admitting that these sort of services are just not on your radar yet, here’s a good primer on how Foursquare works in a quick minute:

While the idea of exclusive rewards and discounts hold the most appeal to me, I can relate on some level to the other pluses. If I still lived in center city – and didn’t go to bed most nights by 10p.m.- I could see myself using this as a great way to hook up with friends who were also out and about on the town. Having another fun, go-to destination right at my iPhone’s fingertips to find a friend-reviewed restaurant on the fly seems like a nice option too.

So what’s my review? Am I reaping all sorts of rewards? Loving all my new finds via Foursquare? OK, well not yet people. I’m still a little wary. I don’t know if I want – or need – all that info out there just yet. For me, the perks of Foursquare still have not won out. However, that can all change tomorrow, or when Whole Foods starts offering more than a measly gelato - totally agree with this blog over at Sometimes being an early adopter of the latest, most buzzed about technology is what it is all about, and then some things I’ve found are just worth the wait.

On the same page? Want to convince me that the wait is over and I am being ridiculous? Let me know!


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