As the old saying goes, any publicity is good publicity

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Who wants to field a complaint? What company wants to hear negative comments directed towards their business? Is there a difference between being controversial and being disreputable? 

Here’s some news for you- if you want to keep your social media readers interested, then you do. And you understand that, yes, being controversial can sometimes be key to maintaining an image in the public eye.

The article,Why Negative Blog Comments are Important and Wanted confirms that “Generally speaking, there is no such thing as bad publicity for small brands. Any publicity is going to bring the awareness of an unknown brand. Even if the publicity is around a controversial subject, at least now people know that you exist. Who knows, people may even take your side.”

What does that translate to on the business side of things? It’s time to start blogging about real life issues, problems and ideas, especially if you are trying to get your brand or name out there. Find a voice and go from unknown to known within moments after posting your article.

“Sometimes, such controversies can even give start to a brand. Think pop stars and rappers. Your first memory of a nowadays famous pop icon could very well be a controversial, or negative, one. Nevertheless, you Googled them and eventually got to know them, which would have been the first step toward buying from them. Being controversial can be a great thing. Any new idea, a truly new idea, is bound to contradict the existing doctrines and create controversies.”

Fret not- the article also questions, but what if you’re a well-established business with a reputation to look out for? You’re no rookie and you don’t want to appear as one? Should you still be concerned about sounding to caviler or conflict-ridden?

A brand stands above a commodity because it stands for something. A Victoria Secret bra is not your Walmart bra because it’s specifically designed and made to make you feel sexy. However, there is a downside to this. To stand for something automatically means you are not going to stand for something else. A Victoria Secret bra is not cheap. A real brand cannot be everything to everyone. This is not a new concept in marketing, but it’s not a concept that’s always practiced.”

So stop pretending that every day in the workplace is status quo and start blogging about topics that your workplace has overcome or is still struggling with. Be genuine with your readers and tweet about helpful tips or factual tidbits that could help others triumph over similar problems. Chances are if your HR department is stressed over adapting your company policies to incorporate new Internet usage guidelines, there are hundreds if not thousands of companies that are experiencing the same exact thing. If you’re having trouble filling a niche position and just can’t seem to find a qualified individual, write about what you’re doing to help reach your goal. Blog about an idea or method that you think might work and forget about being afraid of failure. Ask your readers what they would do and what they think.

The article sums it up well; “Having negative comments on your Facebook wall or blog means you’re doing something right! Your brand stands for something, and your pagans don’t like you because of it. You’re too cheap. You’re too expensive. You’re too scientific. You’re too natural. Yes, I am. Take those negative comments from your pagans, and address it in a way that talks to your core believers! Yes, I am expensive. That’s because we spend millions in research to bring you the best quality product your money can buy. We will not sacrifice quality, ever.

All in all, remember that if you’re stirring up readers enough to reach out and comment, you are engaging people and anyone posting their opinion gives you the chance to refute it or show how your business is doing things right.

“What can you post today on Facebook, Twitter, a blog’s comment section, etc. that will solicit a negative response from someone?”


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