BMP in the Road – White On!

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BMP1Stepping down from the podium and into yet another snow-drift has me attempting a course redirection with these posts, perhaps a little more observational than instructional (but hopefully with some interesting facts infused).

That brings me to the color white. Technically, it’s either the absence of color or the combination of all colors, depending on if you’re working with pigment or light, but the main gist is that white is white.

Tell that to my ceiling.

Only in a world where you have products such as Icy Hot®, are you going to have three dozen colors of “white” at the local hardware store (and that doesn’t even begin to cover finishes). I’m not even talking about “off-white” of which there are probably hundreds, but just WHITE!

88090412After a hurried roller-job left green marks on my rear-room’s ceiling and the basement cabinet full of previous owner hand-me-downs left me with no matches, it was off to the paint store. Explaining my needs, I was soon pointed towards a straightforwardly named “white ceiling paint”. Bingo! My Spidey-sense told me to just buy a pint, which turned out to be a good thing as my new white ceiling paint was significantly darker than my current white ceiling paint.

Back to the store…

The paint guy was trying to be helpful, but he couldn’t tell me with confidence if “Brilliant White” was whiter than “Ultra White”, or where “Premium White” and “Super White” fell in the lineup. I can’t recall which one I ended up with, regardless of the catchy and descriptive name, but it wasn’t a match either. No surprise there.

Nonetheless, it was close enough that if I feathered the edge, I was able to get away with it. At least that’s what I told myself, and that’s all white with me.   - j


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