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TheDailyUpdate-smallDo you have a Facebook Fan Page promoting your recruiting message/employer brand/job opportunities? If you haven’t heard already, a Facebook “Careers” Fan Page is a great way to promote your recruiting message and interact directly to your “fans.” However, when developing Fan Pages, I personally found job-related Apps lacking. There were Apps for “What is your spiritual animal guide?” Horoscope, Pieces of Flair and “What 80s Movie Are You?” but there wasn’t a decent, glitch-proof FREE App developed to feed Jobs content from an organization’s career site/ATS into their Facebook Fan Page…until now. Oh, did I mention it’s FREE?

Sure there are plenty of options in the marketplace for employers to pay thousands of dollars for this data feed through an external vendor. Or, tens of thousands of dollars (in the case of CareerBuilder) to develop a Fan Page and feed jobs (only posted to CareerBuilder) to the Fan Page (isn’t that double dipping?) but those pricey options aren’t in our clients’ budgets and probably not in yours.

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Why do I find the new “Current Jobs at Our Company” App so refreshing? We’ll let’s see…did I mention there’s a FREE option? The free option will wrap/feed your five most recent job postings on your career site and publish them to your Fan Page. And, a very cost conscious $39/month Premium option is also available that wraps/feeds ALL of your jobs to your Fan Page.

What else did I find so refreshing? It’s easy! Within a few clicks following the tutorial (nicely designed—by the way—complete with screen shots for those of us speed readers) I had been notified that “Within 48 hours the LinkUp Web Development Team would contact me to finish the process.” Basically QC to ensure that I am who I say I am. Within one hour I was contacted by Eric (who was very nice and well informed about the application/product) to finish out the process and I was able to activate the Jobs app on my client’s Fan Page, create the tab and the feed was instantaneous! Viola!

wow(Actually, I think said “WOW!” – out loud.)

So…more about…the mastermind behind this job search engine is none other than GL Hoffman. If you don’t already subscribe to his “What Dad Would Say” blog you’re really missing out on some seriously funny posts (and diagrams).

I hear ya saying, “Yeah, yeah another job search engine like Indeed or SimplyHired.” Not really. ONLY aggregates jobs from company web sites (Translation: no job boards are allowed to spend big $s in paid search advertising to drive traffic to their sites and you won’t find crazy jobs like “Work at home and make $20,000/day!” Does anyone really believe those jobs are real??? But, I digress…that’s another topic all together…)

So, because there are ONLY active company career site jobs on, it gives the job seeker a true picture of the recruiting landscape and ALL the jobs that are available.

Sure, LinkUp sells PPC advertising but these ‘sponsored jobs’ are easily recognizable and still very relevant to search parameters (much like Google Ad Words’ Sponsored Links). Full transparency AND the bonus that employers don’t have to bid against the ‘big boards’ for advertising/promoting their jobs.

Right now there are about 20,000 companies and 400,000 jobs on And, if you’re a smaller company without an ATS or Career Site,…LinkUp is affiliated with GL Hoffman’s JobDig and “JobDig Tracker” which offer cost effective web-based TAS and Applicant Portal solutions. Smart huh?

So…two thumbs up for LinkUp’s FB Jobs App. And, if you’re in the market for a cost-effective Facebook “Careers” Fan Page but don’t really know where to start, email me ( or post a comment – Alstin can get that done for you, and I’d be glad help.


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