Facebook Relationship Status – Changes, Apps, and Etiquette

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If you’ve seen The Social Network, you know that Mark Zuckerberg added the “relationship status” component to the profile info of “The Facebook” as a quick after thought when a friend inquired about a girl in one of their classes. “Is she single or what?” I think the line was…

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Since social media is a large part of what I do (and enjoy) on a day-to-day basis. I see a lot of interesting things in my personal and ‘professional’ Facebook Newsfeeds. And, since streaming on Facebook went ‘live,’ I see things tick across my screen in real time…let me tell you, it can get interesting and awkward.

Why are ‘Relationship Status’ changes so intriguing on Facebook? Does changing your relationship status on Facebook somehow validate the relationship? Is saying you’re newly “Single” or “In a Relationship” effectively broadcasting to everyone you know too much information? Or, maybe not viagra without a prescription enough?? Personally, I’m in agreement with Nick O’Neil, who wrote a great article, 10 Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know. He discusses tips on how to control your privacy settings including Relationship Status settings. Note: There ARE ways to change your status,  and avoid any awkward comments that result from the new relationship change, without alerting ‘Everyone’ or all of your ‘Friends’ in their News Feed.

Relationship Status has also been in the headlines recently due to Facebook’s recently expanded status “options.” As of February 17th, there are more options…domestic partnerships and civil unions were added as options in the drop-down

menu for users in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia and France.

There are thousands of Apps on Facebook and I’d be remiss if I didn’t touch on those that link with Relationship Status.

The “Breakup Notifier” (which didn’t get that much positive press). This App is supposed to notify you when specific people (ahem, those you stalk) change their Relationship Status. And so many more!

An interesting question was posed in a blog article I read on this subject…the concept should be simplified: In a relationship: Yes or No

Or check out Nick’s other article on What Your Facebook Relationship Status Should Really Say [Photo]

Food for thought. :)


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