Favorite Blog of the Year: Patty Cara

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My favorite post from the past year is actually one from last December. I wrote “Mango: A Love Story” just a week after we got our first real pet. It’s fun to reread it after having Mango for a year – he’s become such a big part of our family that it’s hard to imagine life without him. Also, it’s funny that I wrote it before we found out that “she” was a “he.” I love that it ends with, “And she is a pretty girl.” Stay tuned for the sequel, “Mango: It’s a Boy!”


About Patty Cara

Patricia Cara, our Vice President of Creative Services, has an eye for design no doubt honed by years of painting, photography, cooking (and school-projects). Every AE's go-to goddess at deadline time, Patty, with Alstin for more than 24 years, keeps it real with impromptu office dance parties and the latest iPhone apps.