Google Alerts: Still A Great Tool

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For some reason, you don’t hear much about Google Alerts anymore. I’m not sure if it’s because they’re so ingrained into our workplace culture, or because everyone interested in them are already using them, but (for me) even with Twitter, LinkedIn, RSS feeds and other tools, I still find Google Alerts a big asset. I use Alerts to keep up-to-date on our clients, prospects, leaders in our industry and more.

If I’m being honest, part of my love for Google Alerts exists because I’m old enough (gulp) to remember pre-Internet days when it was really difficult to find and stay on top of developing news about specific organizations.

Google Alerts can also be fun. Because we’re sometimes referred to as simply “Alstin” instead of “Alstin Communications” I get some very interesting alerts. For example, thanks to Google Alerts I know:

  • In Old English, Alstin means elf stone
  • There is an alternative blogger named Zac Alstin out of the Southern Cross Bioethics Institute in Adelaide, South Australia.
  • There is a German financing holding company Alstin.
  • My personal favorite: Swedish designer Terese Alstin has invented a shawl-like collar that works like an airbag. Really; upon impact it “inflates to form a pillow-like helmet that surrounds the head.”

If you’re not using Google Alerts, trust me, nothing could be easier to set up, and it’s a great way to learn about anything you have an interest in—and even some things you didn’t know you’d be interested in.


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