I Grant You the Queen in all of Her Pantone Glory

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I am not a big royal watcher, but did find this tribute to her royal highness, the Queen of England, having spent 60 years on the throne, almost as entertaining as Grace Jones performing for at her at that mega Diamond Jubliee concert the other night. (Although honestly, I don’t quite get the talents of good old Grace – hula hoop aside – sorry! – as compared to some of the other mega-talent that shared the stage that night.)  Our color matching friends at Pantone partnered with the ad agency Leo Burnett London to create a limited-edition color guide based on her most favored clothing color selections.

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Colour Institute,  said “The Queen’s decision to favor one color in every outfit is a strong style statement. Monochromatic color schemes make the wearer appear taller, delivering a more stately air – perfect given that Queen Elizabeth is not tall at 5’4”.

Being a woman of small stature myself, a whopping five feet to be exact, I work that monochome effect to my advantage too, not so much in the pastels, but to each her own. :)



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