Mobile and Recruiting and Job Search – Create a Recruiting App for mobile devices

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I’d like to take a minute and talk about Mobile. Social and search go hand-in-hand in my mind. Like someone once said (I buy cheap viagra online uk forget who, so apologies for not giving credit where credit is due), “Social and Search are like peanut butter and jelly.” Well, add to the mix is an extra special layer of…butter? (like my dad likes to add) or Marshmallow Fluff? or Nutella?…would be Mobile.

Mobile is the ugly step-child of social media recruitment marketing. And, I’m not quite sure why. I hear over and over, “…it’s not proven, it’s untested, where’s the ROI? How will people apply? How will people search for a job…much less our jobs?” Yadda yadda yadda.

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you, mobile is the untapped frontier in the recruitment world and people have just started to dip their toes into this HUGE market. Of the 500 million Facebook users…150 million of them tap into the site via mobile platform.

I came across a great article about social and job search and thought, “There’s got to be an app for that!” And there are many! Do a key word search on Jobs or Careers in the App Store and you get a lot of results!

So, what’s an employer to do about it?

Why not develop

your own company “Jobs App” for people to download to their mobile device?

My perfect ‘company-focused’ jobs app would include the following:

  • Search open positions (duh, but this is important – geo, keyword, industry- it must include robost searching otherwise you’ll make the end user delete your app)
  • Email the job position to the end user or their friend
  • Alert messages from the app when new jobs match their search queries.
  • Employee testimonial videos on specific job opportunities (ie. Customer Service, Retail, Sales, Account Management, etc.)
  • Calendar of events (for upcoming hiring initiatives)
  • Ability for applicant to send notification of their LinkedIn profile as an ‘interest’ contact
  • Promotional giveaway, or other coupon code, to entice higher download rates

Want some more reading on the subject? Here’s what they are saying over at Forbes, The Washington Post, and Mashable.

Mobile is the untapped frontier within the human resources industry. What are your experiences within this new space? Let me know! @JenHitchens


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