Notes from the 2012 NAHCR Image Conference

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Last week I was in the great state of Indiana for the 2012 NAHCR Image Conference. Overall, I thought the trip was great, as I was able to see a lot of old friends and make some new ones.

The Delaware Valley was well represented by Alstin clients, our contacts in the media and some of the recruiting industry’s key vendors.

Some quick highlights:

  • As you can see, the image of the “Alstin dog” was everywhere at our booth—and we kept the theme going by giving away stress relievers in the shape of a dog bone. People loved our displays and the bones were a big hit.
  •  I think the general mood regarding the future of healthcare recruiting is very positive, and certainly much better than it’s been the last few years. I was also pleased to see how excited the people I met were about developing and implementing new ways to recruit and communicate with both candidates and employees.
  • Most people I spoke with were very happy with the topics and speakers (although after a full day of seminars more than a few brains were fried).
  • As usual with conferences, I didn’t get to see much of Indianapolis, but the hotel (JW Marriott in downtown Indy) was beautiful and the people from the area couldn’t have been nicer. My one “tour” was a 5:30am run around the downtown area where I saw the NCAA headquarters, Indianapolis Zoo, Indiana State Museum and Victory Field, the home of the Pittsburgh Pirates’ AAA affiliate.
  • Although it sounds impossible, it was even hotter in Indy than it’s been here. My first day there the temperature hit 104. I went out with some friends for dinner that night and it was still in the low 90’s at 10pm.
  • Hooray to South Carolina for winning Chapter of the Year, although because of the people I know so well, I’ll always think the award should to go the Philly, New Jersey or Maryland chapter.
  • Finally, and most importantly, a big congratulations to our friend Debbie Rowe of Genesis HealthCare, the new president of NAHCR. The organization is so lucky to have someone as engaging, hard-working and dedicated as Debbie at the helm.

To learn more about the NAHCR Image Conference you can search #Image2012 on Twitter or visit the NAHCR website at

See you next year in Minneapolis!



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