Old Commercials To Make You Smile (and Cringe). Fred Flintstone Sold Cigarettes!

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I love watching old commercials. I remember putting together an educational-type of branding presentation years ago–it was so much fun looking through these gems. Old commercials (especially from the 50′s) have this soaring optimism, heavy-handedness and well, cheesiness, that is sorely missing in today’s jaded, ad-saturated society. I’d thought I’d share three with you that made me smile.:

1. Kool-Aid

This is a good example of the sugary (ha!) innocence in commercials that you just don’t see anymore. Best of all, Mom says priceless things like: 

“You know it’s pure and good.” An artificially-flavored drink mix? Of course it’s pure and good.

“You can give your youngsters a lot of pleasure with Kool-Aid.” Ok, I’m not touching that one.

“And it’s thrifty.” Really, tell me the last time you heard the word “thrifty!”

2. Bobbi Hair Care

No one knows less about women’s fashion or beauty than me, but it seems like the hair on this “smart girl” has been varnished and shellacked to a tornado-proof state. I think this is the first time I’ve seen a hairstyle that I could honestly say looks painful.

2. Fred Flinstone and Barney Rubble Light Up.

Some clips need no introduction. Oh, I could talk about the irony of cartoon characters selling cigarettes, the commercial’s overt misogyny and more, but it would only be filler. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Fred Flintstone selling cigarettes:


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