Think you’re short-staffed? Here’s how to tell.

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In light of the recent recession that much of the country is still recuperating from it’s a fact that many companies cut back in order to stay afloat and weather the economic storm. Now that there are clear signs that we are on the road to recovery it’s important to observe key factors that might indicate that your company is short-staffed and that it is time to look into starting to hire again.

An article on Bnet titled, “Wanna Become the Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company? Start Hiring Now” offers some crucial tips on how to tell whether or not you are short-staffed:

If your customers complain. Long call center wait times can be measured, both internally and externally. If your customers are fuming about having to spend half an hour on “hold” then your call center might be understaffed. Similarly, if your employees are sending out a high volume of form letters that don’t address the actual problem — and generating complaints because of it — it could be a sign of trouble.

If your customer-service department is overtasked. If your customer-service jobs are burnout positions — places where attrition rates are far higher than in the rest of the company, then that could also be a sign that it’s not adequately staffed. If the folks in the service department complain about low morale and long hours, there may just be too few of them.

If your service scores are slipping. Falling scores from your customers can also be a sign that your service department isn’t pulling its weight. If your company’s marks have fallen off the charts recently, check the staffing levels in the service department. Have you recently downsized there, too? If so, that could be your problem.”

The article makes a point to conclude that there is usually never one simple solution. Trying to improve your company by adding more staff that will actually have meaningful jobs tending to clients’ needs rarely ever looks bad. New hires might be the start of something greater that can help the company’s image regardless.

“Bringing in new employees may not solve your customer service woes, but it could address them in a meaningful way. And who knows, you might someday refer to your company as ‘the Earth’s most customer centric.’ Your customers would like that.” We here at Alstin agree.


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