SOCIAL VIDEO: The Momentum Is Inspiring

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Will Viddy be the next hot thing?

Keeping up with the times? Then surely you’ve heard of the massive traffic increase recently showing up in studies on Social Video viewership.

In an analysis by Visible Measures, a social video measurement company, findings prove the social video trend is growing as more consumers consciously elect to view popular ads on sites like YouTube.

What are the favorites? Well, it turns out we all still love our Super Bowl commercials, which people seem to enjoy spreading their top choices each year. According to the Q1 2012 Social Video Ad Report from Visible Measures, the top five industries for Social Video Ad Views are:

  • Automotive
  • Community & Activism
  • Apparel & Accessories
  • Food
  • Beverages

Oddly enough, many people still enjoy and prefer the great new devices we now have that give you the power to “fast forward” the commercials while you watch your shows, and “skip” over ads with just the touch of a button. But when it comes to our beloved social networks, open 24/7 for constant communication, folks love to watch those social video advertisements full of surprising or funny or informative content, and do it on their own terms, on their own time. And when they like what they see, they share it with friends (sometimes on multiple networks), who share it with their networks, and so on. Viewers are functioning as promoters, driving your video campaign into a larger audience of connections, which is bound to grow due to the increasing sales of smartphones and tablets.

Companies in the know, using social media marketing – it is time to introduce video marketing to your campaigns. Engaging creative content (excuse me while I shamelessly plug our skills…but Alstin’s won numerous awards for our creative) for social video can take you a long way, especially with the capabilities and fresh applications being developed for the increased use of new devices every day.

With the first quarter report of 2012 rising78% above that fourth quarter 2011 in viewership of video ads via social media – social video is now the fastest growing ad platform online.

eMarketer estimates US advertisers will spend $3.1 billion this year on video ads, up from $2 billion in 2011. By 2016, $9.3 billion in online ad spending will go toward video.

Ever heard of Viddy? First there’s the fascination of Instagram, the still popular, free photo sharing program  that allows users to take a photo, and then share it on a variety of social networking services. The even newer app predicted craze is now what sounds like “Instagram for video”, Viddy. Wonder why?

Video is now trending!  Get in on it while it’s hot!


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