Stalking Bradley Cooper

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Last Thursday two co-workers returned from their lunch break breathless with excitement. Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro were filming a scene for their upcoming movie, The Dark Fields, just a few blocks from our offices. Our friends had gotten close to the action and they thought that we could too. Angela, Nikki, and I grabbed our jackets and ran for the elevators. But first, I stopped by my office to grab my camera – a Nikon D60 SLR with a zoom lens. The three of us worked our way over to Market Street using 17th Street as our access point. According to our friends, this would put us closer to the filming. They were right. When we got there, we politely worked our way to the front of the crowd in no time. Unfortunately, there were no stars in sight. We watched a few scenes being filmed mainly involving extras. There was a lot of “hurry up and wait” between the scenes. Just as my interest was beginning to wane, a ripple of excitement went through the crowd. The boom mike (which signals where the action is taking place) was moved to the entrance of the building. On scene, the extras were cued to walk, then the doors to the building opened and out walked Robert DeNiro and Bradley Cooper. For take after take, we watched the actors (both looking suave) repeat the scene. I was, of course, snapping pictures the entire time. This is one of the better photographs that resulted. Some days it just pays to have your camera with you.


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