Take a Second and Third Look at Your Careers Page.

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Are candidates not completing your online application? Is it that the position with your company is undesirable, or that the application process is to long? Well, it could be even simpler than that. It is always good to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.  It could be that your careers page, or online application maybe not be as aesthetically pleasing as you thought at first glance. I have found two free tools that let you take a look at any webpage and give you a look at the “nuts and bolts” of the layout, to see if what you’re working with is really grabbing potential candidate’s eyes.

The first free tool is called Wirify. This web application gives you a barebones look at your website, to help you focus on the page structure by hiding your content. Hiding your content will allow you analyze your page layout at the most basic level. A potential hire is going to take one look at your page, and within a second decide whether it is something they are interested in filling out, or are just not going to bother.  We are told to never judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to web browsing (or in this case applying online) it is crucial to have your layout produced in such a way that it will pull users in to begin the application process.


The second free tool is called Graybit. This web application allows you to convert any page into it’s equivalent in a gray scale. The tool can be used to take a closer look at how page visibility and contrast can be as colors can often be misleading. Think about why people shoot photos in black and white, it is typically because the color can distract from the actually beauty of the photograph. By removing colors influence on how you perceive a web page, you will get a true visual contrast of what you are putting out there to help lore in potential candidates.


I know, both tools seem simple, but look at it as similar to proofing a piece of writing backwards, it is taking that additional look from a different direction that may help you find something that is incorrect or that just doesn’t work visually. I highly recommend giving both tools a try, they are free and only take a couple of seconds to use! Maybe you will find something you didn’t see before that may have turned a potential candidate off at first glance…


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