The best career sites across the pond.

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At Alstin, we’re always watching and admiring organizations that do their career site right: simplicity in navigation, lots of interesting/relevant content, interactive, easy to apply, etc. So much of an organization’s recruitment advertising dollars are spent driving people to the career portion of their website that it only makes sense that when candidates do arrive, they have an engaging, informative and positive experience.

So what are companies in Europe doing with their career websites? Potential Park recently released a list of Top Career Websites 2012 in Europe:

The rankings were even subdivided to include the Top 30 career websites in the U.K., Germany and France. Through the magic of translation on your Internet browser, you can see what these European companies are doing to draw in potential employees and communicate their values and culture.

I especially like the cultural peculiarities, like on the German site, Vodaphone: “We offer young talents and experienced rounders many opportunities and possibilities.”

The silly part of me really enjoyed when the translation fell short in terms of syntax and clarity—although it does look like this is an area where technology has to make some real progress.  Check out this translation of a sales position on a German website. Starts off pretty well, but I get lost about halfway through:

 Awareness of our strengths. Openness to new ideas. Success through networking. Thus we see us at Vodafone. And that’s how we see. You have some experience in sales of Telco or IT products. And as far as your knowledge of the German telecommunications market and the products and solutions, will soon be making no more of something. A college degree or have completed training a must. What are we really count: Your sales orientation, your strength and your degree of knowledge that relationship management is a key to success.



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