The Most Honest Car Commercial You’ll Ever See—and Love.

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I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of any product that’s more advertising-saturated than the automobile. By my unofficial estimate, every NFL game shows an average of 6 billion car commercials, and for me they all run together. Shiny cars sliding around on a test track, hurling down windy country roads, navigating sleet and rain while a child holding a teddy bear sleeps in the back seat, or proudly reaching its destination at the beach, lake or atop a ridiculous mountain. The soundtrack is usually classical or seventies rock while a male announcer with a deep voice drones on about:

  • Performance
  • Luxury
  • Handling
  • Power
  • Safety

That’s why I find these commercials for the Toyota Yaris a breath of fresh air. The brilliant tagline? “It’s a Car.”

Sure, it’s tongue-in-cheek, but these no-frill TV ads are a perfect way to distinguish the Yaris from the competition. And it’s very smart. The Yaris is more of a functional, Point A-to-Point B kind of car, so it wouldn’t make sense to dress it up and pretend it’s something it’s not. Here’s three quick commercials that tell you all you need to know. Love it.




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