What a Working Mom Wants

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Skimming Twitter this morning I came across a tweet to this blog on What Moms Really Want on the Job. It’s a good post-Mother’s Day topic. As a working mom, I decided to give it a read to see if I match up with popular opinion. In an unscientific poll, the writer posed this basic question on GlassdoorWhat are working moms looking for in a company?

Here are the top 10 answers:

  • Paid maternity leave
  • Flexible schedule
  • Option to work part-time
  • Sick and vacation days
  • Medical/dental/vision benefits
  • Overall company support for the working mom
  • On-site childcare
  • Child care reimbursement
  • Flexible location – work from home options
  • Private room for mothers who are breastfeeding

The part I liked best about the writer’s analysis of the finding was that – minus a request for a breastfeeding room – these wants translate to working dads too.

If I had to answer this question, flexibility ranks right at the top. I thank my lucky stars quite a bit that I have a good deal of flexibility here at Alstin. (I value that big time!) So are you a working mom or dad? Do you agree with this list?  What do you think we need more of to recruit and retain good employees who also happen to be good parents? (My vote – paid maternity leave!) Let us know.


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