What we can learn from the 2012 CareerXroads Sources of Hire Survey

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Those of us in the industry wait each year for the 2012 CareerXroads Sources of Hire survey.

The survey is conducted by the highly respected team of Gerry Crispin and Mark Mehler, and they try to get specific info and numbers about where some of the biggest companies in the US get their hires. The report is illustrated in a SlideShare presentation here.

Here’s the highlights from this year’s report:

  • The study included 36 participating companies representing 1.2 million employees.
  • 59% of their 213,375 openings were filled externally, a significant change from the last few years and this stat, according to Crispin, “helps to confirm we are coming out of a recession.”
  • It’s wisely pointed out by the authors that a variety of sources often can be attributed to a hire and that these sources are not mutually exclusive.
  • The top two sources of external hires were referrals (28%) and job boards (20.1%). For job boards, Indeed and CareerBuilder turned out to be the most effective.
  • I’d like to add my opinion as a word of caution that underscores bullet #3: When asked how they collect source of hire data, more than 66% say through self-reporting.  Self-reporting can be a notoriously unreliable or inaccurate source of hire. Why? Because if a candidate sees a job posting on monster, then 2 weeks later does a Google search and finds the same position, then sees a pay-per-click ad on Facebook which drives her to the company’s career site, the candidate will often select “Career Site” as the source even though all the other tools played a pivotal role in getting her to apply.
  • While social media only registered 3.5% hires, most respondents believe it plays a consistent and influential role in acquiring talent. “It’s all speculation why they said that,” explains Crispin, “because we have no data.” However, he hastens to add, “They may not know, but they are good guessers.” See the above bullet for more info, but my feeling is that social media is playing an increasingly larger part of recruiting, but until ATS’s get better, their effect will continue to be under-reported.
  • Top 2 goals for 2012: Improve ERP and increase social media and LinkedIn in source of hire channels.

If you’d like more information on how this report matches what we’re seeing at Alstin and what it might mean for your recruiting function, drop me a line at trosato@alstin.com


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