Where’s Tony? Spring, Glorious Spring!

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Wheres-TonyAs VP of Client Development for Alstin, I (happily) find myself on the road a lot, talking to clients, prospects, people in the media, etc.–and I attend numerous industry functions each month. On Alstin’s blog, I’ll let you know where I am and what I’m hearing in the wonderful world of recruiting.

Eighty degree weather. Birds singing. Our beloved Phillies back in action. What could be better? How about this: the nice weather seems to coincide with more (cautious, of course) optimism about the recovery of jobs. I’ve been a busy fella–lots of time over the last few weeks on the road, and home time has been almost entirely devoted to softball. I coach my daughter’s team–it’s funny how even at 9 years old, women have an innate biological predisposition not to listen to me. Oh well, let’s roll with it and get back on the road!

Conshohocken, PA – Great meeting of the Philadelphia Area Association of Healthcare Recruiters (PAAHCR) at the Philadelphia Inquirer plant in Conshy. Speaker was Doug Hardy of monster.com. Very informative presentation from Doug and he hammered home a point I agree with–despite the woes of the job market recently (especially for new nursing grads) the numbers simply don’t add up, and we will be facing a serious shortage of healthcare workers in a few years. The average age of a nurse is 46, but a bigger, less talked about problem is that the average age of a Nurse Educator (those that teach Nurses) is 54.

Delaware, Delaware, Delaware! – I’ve happily been spending a lot of time in the First State as two separate, complex branding projects are coming to fruition. Great seeing these very targeted initial ideas being developed and refined into working concepts, thanks to our top-notch creative team and great input and feedback from our client.

Elk Ridge, MD – If you read my blog regularly you know how welcome the folks at MAHCR–Maryland Association for Healthcare Recruitment–have made me feel. This month was Institutional Member Day, and it was a chance for those that support MAHCR to talk a little bit about ourselves. I want to thank all the MAHCR members who attended that day and who continue to support us.

New York, NY – In the Big Apple with our Senior VP for the 8th annual HR Week Conference at the Hilton. Mike T. and I were able to make the rounds and see some of our most trusted allies in recruiting. Plus, we were just a five minute walk to Norma’s at Le Parker Meridien. Norma’s often wins best breakfast kudos from Zagat. Lunch is delicious too! Get hungry and check out the menu here.

Until next time, see you on the road!


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